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Illegal Wildlife Trade

Poaching is devastating wildlife populations at alarming rates. 30,000 elephants are killed in Africa every year. Over 100,000 seahorses are snatched from the wild every month, and every day, three rhinos are slaughtered for their horns.

We risk future generations living in a world deprived of some of its most iconic species.

In the last 50 years wildlife across the globe has declined by 60% – we are facing the first mass extinction of biodiversity since the dinosaurs.

We are dedicated to protecting wildlife from this barbaric trade. We work closely with Governments, NGOs, the private sector and local communities around the world to implement true change.

Protect wild animals from immense pressure

The profits from this illicit trade, fund organised crime.

Worth over $20 billion a year, the illegal wildlife trade threatens the very existence of some of our most iconic species, driving instability in vulnerable communities who live alongside them, with the poorest often most affected.

You can help us change that.

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Rhino horn is worth more than gold on the black market.
Every year, an estimated 100 tigers are illegally poached and killed around the world.
100,000 pangolins are taken from the wild each year.
This shy and beautiful creature, the most trafficked wild mammal in the world, is now threatened with extinction.

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Enforce seizure of illegal animal imports

We work closely with UK Border Force at Heathrow Airport to intercept and seize animals and poached wildlife products being smuggled into the country. Learn how these teams are strengthening enforcement against wildlife trafficking elsewhere, such as on Mongolia’s border with China.

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