Smarter than the average bear

Did someone say animal pub quiz?

Whether you or the kids fancy testing out your own wildlife knowledge or are after some ideas for your very own animal quiz questions, we’ve got you covered right here.

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The animal kingdom is weird and wonderful – but how much do you know about it?

Animal quiz questions

Intimidated by the prospect of hosting quiz night? Don’t panic, we’ve got your animal questions covered.

Baby names round

Think you know your goslings from your joeys? Download this quiz sheet for an ultra quick quiz round solution. Sorted!

Stranger things quiz


What is another name for a killer whale?

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What do mountain tree shrew use pitcher plants as?

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What wild cat is this?

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Which of these is not a real shark?

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What animal does an Africa hunting dog most sound like?

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Which of these is the clownfish’s super skill?

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Which ape is our closest relative?

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Where do snout moths live?

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What is the Mary river turtle’s secret power?

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Stranger things...

You’ve got a tonne of passion but there’s still lots to learn about the amazing animal kingdom! Woohoo!

You really know your animals! But there’s still a few more weird and wonderful surprises yet to discover – keep exploring, it’s totally wild out there!

Sir David is that you? We take our hats off to you – you're an animal expert. What amazing animal discoveries will you make next?

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